‘The city of lakes’ or ‘Venice of the east’ as Udaipur is fondly known, we welcome you to the bank of tranquil Lakhawali lake to TatSaraasa Resort & Spa, nestled between the divine Aravalli Ranges.

Perched within the periphery of the Udaipur city on the bank of tranquil Lake Lakhawali and encompassed by divine Aravalli ranges. TatSaraasa is truly a reason enough to be away from the city hustle and a perfect holiday getaway close to nature……

The word ‘TatSaraasa’ is derived from Sanskrit and means – “that which is calm, charming and beautiful.”


TatSaraasa offers spacious rooms with private balconies reflecting a sophisticated, contemporary design, having all the modern amenities for your comfort & convenience.


At TatSaraasa, there is so much to do and discover, from relaxing by the lake, admiring the serenity of nature, soaking yourself in the pool, getting a stress relieving massage or skin revival scrub at our spa, trekking, driving a tractor and much more.


TatSaraasa  offers a plethora of activities to ensure maximum involvement and much more than just the sightseeing – a walk in the Aravalli Hills, riding bicycle, to exploring more than 100 species of birds.


Our multi cuisine restaurant is a perfect place to satiate one’s gastronomic desires with the variety of authentic cuisine from the globe.


Private classes can be arranged at the lawns with a beautiful view of the surrounding hills and the lake. 


At TatSaraasa, those on four legs get first class treatment too.We welcome your four legged family member – no matter their size, weight or breed, at no extra charge. If your pet fits through the door, we’ll welcome them in.


At Tatsaraasa we promote rural communities and growing youth, by harnessing their zeal and projecting their adventurous, eco-friendly, and rustic beauty instead of exploring famous monuments. We offer vacation that takes you back to the roots and nourish your soul and its Ideal for travellers who want to experience the rural lifestyle, and spend weekends away from the concrete jungle and bustling city life.

As one of our initiatives, TatSaraasa Resort & Spa actively supports the nearby school with 100 odd students. It has instituted a scholarship to assist in the education of underprivileged young girls. Join the students as they go through their day at school and yes, teach a subject that is of your interest! (School timings apply). Also meet ‘Masterji’, the head of the local school. We can tell you more about our initiatives as we go along. There are no charges for this activity; any donation given by you to the school will be accepted with gratitude towards the scholar ship instituted by us.