TATTVAMA Multicuisine Restaurant

At Tattvam we offer scrumptious and exclusive options for private dining around the clock at locations in the resort. We offer delicious local rajasthani cuisine, gujarati delicacies, western specialities or meals made just your liking.

Snacks and light refreshments are available all day.

Breakfast: 750 + taxes per person
07:30 hrs to 10:30 hrs
Lunch: 1000 + taxes per person
13:00 hrs to 15:00 hrs
Dinner: 1200 + taxes per person
19:30 hrs to 22:30 hrs


Online Dining Reservation



Please note that we are a small boutique resort, believe in giving quality services to our in-house guests and so sometimes because of high demand or house full situation we don’t permit walk-in guests to use any of our resorts in-house facilities. So we recommend everyone to call and pre-book us before coming to us , this will save you from any last minute inconvenience. Please call us at +91 8696447555.

For table reservation or private dinning booking, please call us at +91 8696447555.