Giving back to Society……


At Tatsaraasa we promote rural communities and growing youth, by harnessing their zeal and projecting their adventurous, eco-friendly, and rustic beauty instead of exploring famous monuments. We offer vacation that takes you back to the roots and nourish your soul and its Ideal for travellers who want to experience the rural lifestyle, and spend weekends away from the concrete jungle and bustling city life.


    • Cleaning the Village.
    • Installation of water Tubewell in primary school for drinking water & Sanitation.
    • Distribution of books & stationary in the village primary school to all the students every year.
    • Educating and taking activity classes in the primary school.
    • Involving our hotel guests in village activities and their events.
    • Repair of village road.
    • Participation of hotel guests in school functions like Independence and Republic day.
  • Hiring local people at our resort.


  • Training & grooming local people for employment.